It's about time to take care of your face!

With more time on your hand and looking to quickly get rid of your troubling obsession over acne outbreak, increasing post-acne scars, stubborn hyperpigmentation, pre-mature wrinkles, skin laxity, erratic blemishes (oil bumps, red spots, skin tags or moles) and fatigue looking eyes, our comprehensive treatments will require more time due to added technology, products, and skills to help you achieve a healthier, smoother, clearer and younger skin in no time.

Eye Rx+

Duration: 60 minutes No Downtime Price: $68

Techniques: Thermal Oculus Massage, Ultrasonic Infusion™

Recommended Frequency: Forthnightly-Monthly

Directions: Get enough sleep after the session

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Key Benefit

 Visibly reduces and prevents crow feet (fine lines)

 Diminishes dark circles due to fatigue and lack of sleep

 Strengthens the under-eye membrane to shrink eye bags

 Relieves eye tension and headache from digital eye strain.

 Alleviates eye twitching by massaging eyelids

 Improves and delays vision problems like glaucoma

 Enjoys showing your dynamic looking eyes


 Customers will confidently lie down in comfort on the disinfected ergonomic electric couch covered with a disposable sheet and using a disposable hair cap to hold back the hair.

 Skin is cleansed with a PH cleanser to remove dirt, excess oil, and has antibacterial, antifungal and anti-viral properties.

 Warm argan oil with non-comedogenic and vitamin E properties are skilfully massaged around the eyes to relieve eye fatigue, improve blood circulation, reduce fine lines and delay presbyopia due to ageing eye muscles.

 Using a cold conductor, the hot and cold effect triggers contraction and aid in strengthening the under-eye membrane that holds the fatty deposits for eye bags reduction.

 The thermal mask is applied to heat up the surrounding eye area for added circulation to aid blood nourishment and further reduce eye fatigue

 Enjoy a well deserved relaxing neck and shoulder massage to feel relaxed, recharge and refresh.

How It Works

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