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Oily scalp, heredity, hormonal changes, medical conditions or ageing can contribute to hair loss but it’s more common in men. The root of the problem lies with the inactive hair follicles in which hair proliferation can be triggered with clinically proven Minoxidil lotion and painless Nano Needling. Oxygen will be directed at the treated area for instant recovery, supports hair growth, inhibits hair loss and soothing comfort.

Hair Loss

Duration: 60 minutes No Downtime Price: $98

Techniques: Ozone Beam™, Minoxidil Serum, NanoNeedling™, O2 Infusion

Recommended Frequency: Fortnightly-Monthly

Directions: Do not shampoo hair until next day. Do not apply hair tonic for 3 days.

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Key Benefit

Reduces inflammation of the infected follicle

Eliminate bacteria on the scalp with ozone

Increase blood circulation to activate dormant hair roots

Nourishes the scalp with more blood flow for hair proliferation

Detoxify the scalp to prevent hair loss

Healthy scalp with medical-grade oxygen infusion

Enjoy a set of healthier, more lustrous and denser sets of hair


 Customer will confidently sit upright in comfort on the disinfected ergonomic electric couch covered with a disposable sheet with scalp and hair exposed

 A special comb-like glass apparatus filled with ozone light brushes along the scalp to oxygenate the pores, kills infected follicle bacteria, stimulates circulation and aids in detoxification, contracts blood vessels and reduces follicle inflammation

 The scalp is massaged with clinically proven Minoxidil lotion to stimulate the proliferation of hair from dormant hair roots

 Medical Grade Oxygen is sprayed onto the scalp to allow better assimilation of nutrients and strengthen the hair follicles to prevent hair loss.

 Enjoy a well deserved relaxing neck and shoulder massage to feel relaxed, recharge and refresh

How It Works

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