If you are constantly on the go and think good looking skin don’t matter, look again!

In our frantic paced society and being the planet’s fastest walkers, clocking at 18m in 10 seconds, this highly popular, time-saving and pocket friendly treatments to “fix” your face and eye appearing awesome always.
In each of our medical-grade stations, we have hydro-exfoliation, ultrasonic and radio frequency technology to effectively treat 7 common problems faced by men ranging from acne, skin blemishes, pigmentation, unhealthy skin, lackluster, post-acne scars, premature wrinkles and tired looking eyes. Each treatment has almost 7 key benefits that will solve your needs. As an exclusive bonus to inspire you to relax, we offer all our busy men to enjoy the lingering benefits of our treatment at home, with a free time saving mask specifically selected for each individual skin condition.


Duration: 30 minutes No Downtime Price: $38

Techniques: HydroSonic™ Scrub, HydroExfoliation™, Radio Frequency

Recommended Frequency: Weekly to Monthly

Directions: No sun tanning for 5 days

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Key Benefit

 Removes pigmented layers of skin to clear age spots (solar lentigines)

 Exfoliates dead cells to prevent aged spots and hyperpigmentation

Renew collagen and elastin to tighten the skin

 Moisturises the skin to reduce fine lines

 Slow down aging process with regular treatments

 Enjoy a younger looking skin with even skin tone”


 Customer will confidently lie down in comfort on disinfected ergonomic electric couch covered with disposable sheet and using a disposable hair cap to hold back the hair

 Skin is cleansed with a PH cleanser to remove dirt, excess oil, and has antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties

 Unlike the conventional scrubbing beads, dead skin cells are loosen with a water infused ultrasonic plate to acquire fresh skin for better treatment contact

 Instead of conventional diamond microdermbrasion, area with fine lines will be exfoliated with a sterile suction probe of AHA lactic solution to encourage renewal of skin cells to plump up the creases.

 Non-invasive Radio Frequency enhanced with a booster cream emits controlled heat into the deeper layer of the skin to induce renewal of collagen and elastin for skin tightening

Serum mask with collagen matrix will be placed over the treated skin to reduce fine lines and hydrates the skin to keep it supple.

 The medicinal properties of Azulene mist will be sprayed onto the skin to instantly soothe and heal any rare occurrences of skin inflammation

 Enjoy a well deserved relaxing neck and shoulder massage to feel relax, recharge and refresh.

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