Proven Technologies with faster and reliable results

Our new generation of medical-grade skincare stations with proven technologies treats local skin problems such as clogged pores, acne, blemishes, post-acne scars, ageing skin, pigmentation, eye bags , dark circles and hair loss. Highly recommended even for skin maintenance to keep skin healthier, clearer, smoother and tighter looking skin that exudes youthfulness at

Conventional methods such as the microdermabrasion with abrasive tips, fanciful LED light therapies, galvanic current, iontophoresis diffusion and  mesotherapy with roller pins are not the best methods to achieve faster results and non invasive recovery. At MySkin Centre, we keep abreast with latest technologies that are time tested with realistic results that are faster, reliable and yet affordable.

Experience the powerful results of our our medical-grade equipment. Hydro-Oxy™ Station for even hyper-sensitive skin, New Generation IPL with static or dynamic Photon Strobes™ , Microchip Radio Frequency with disposable cartridges, SRS+ with automatic serum dispensing system , Oxygen Rejuvenation System with up to 10 litre emission per minute and Nano-needling with 6Mhz Radio Frequency 

We assure you premium services with our lowest price guaranteed make possible through cost-cutting measures by:

1. Buying equipment direct from supplier at lower cost and in return act as their distributing agent with our in-house technician and trainers.


2. Buying disposable peripherals and treatment-based products in bulk at a lower cost.


3. Breaking down the treatments time with different treatment protocols to suit the men on the go who wants a quick fix, men with problem skin who needed extra time to treat or men who want to maintain their healthier skin.

Our treatments are carefully planned to help you achieve healthier skin that exudes clearer, smoother, and younger looking skin.

Trusted Skincare at fixed affordable prices ($38 | $68 | $98) with lowest price guarantee

Free A.I Skin Analysis to Mobile

Singapore's first Men's Skincare products has a new face-lift

We search and research for not only the best ingredients, but the latest formulations to bring you results. We are confident our products can speaks by itself with no fanciful packaging to save the environment and being the only men’s skincare centre that offers a 7 days product refund

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