Seeing is believing!

A non-invasive, multi-spectral 3D imaging system with A.I. diagnostic tools to determine your skin type, diagnose skin concerns, and customize solutions for your needs. Our clinical aesthetician will help you to identify improvements to be made to your skin without any obligations- just the real facts to know your skin better now… or never.

Skin Analysis with Consultation

15 Seconds Analysis 30 minutes Consultation Price: $38

Techniques: 3D Spectra Analysis™, A.I. Diagnostics Tools

Recommended Frequency : Monthly

Directions : Please provide information on your existing medical conditions and allergies prior to consultation

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Key Benefit

Determines your skin type and condition.

Captures information on the surface and deeper layers of your skin.

Generates a skin report with findings

Instantly send findings to mobile devices.

Uniquely forecast area of concerns.

Diagnostic recommendations


The consultant will enter your particulars, contact number and any prevalent medical conditions or allergies

Place your face into a lighted dome with eyes closed for 15 seconds

Images and findings will be displayed and shown to the customer

The clinical aesthetician will explain skin type, conditions, diagnostic recommendations, insightful advice, and preventive measures

How It Works

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