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Different types of Acne faced by adults

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The major problem we face regarding skin care treatment is to find out what the problem is. Some people cannot distinguish between pimples, acne, and large pores, and thus, treating the problem can be difficult. You may be treating large pores but it is completely ineffective as you have some kind of acne. There are centers for facial treatment in Singapore that will not only find out the type of skin ailment you are suffering from but will also treat it properly.

Difference types of acne

Before trying to distinguish between different types of acne, you need to know what acne is. Acne is caused by clogged pores by oil, dead cells, and bacteria.

  • Blackheads: Blackheads are caused by clogged pores and it is quite common. When dead skin cells and oil clog pores, blackheads become visible.
  • Whiteheads: Whiteheads are formed in the same way as blackheads. The only difference is that there is a layer of skin that makes it look white. These two are the mildest form of acne.
  • Nodules: Nodules are deeply rooted in the skin and they are quite painful too. They seem hard on touch and take more time to get cured.
  • Cysts: Cyst is the most severe form of acne but not many people get it. When the nodules are filled with pus, the variant is called a cyst.
  • Papules: These are caused by deep bacterial penetration into the skin, and it causes a red bump on the skin.
  • Pustules: Sometimes, papules get infected and get head filled with pus. It can cause a lot of pain and no makeup will be able to cover it.

Makeup is not the solution for acne under any circumstances. If you are a man, you won’t like to wear makeup, as well. There is acne treatment in Singapore, available especially for men. My Skin is one such organization that takes care of all your acne-related problems and cures them with proper care. Visit the website today and call in for any query.