5 Make Up Tips for Men

In our social media society, men realised it’s better to be in their perfect appearance than to be themselves. With a smart device’s camera to snap the social moments or online virtual camera for work, looking good in front of people is equally important in front of high definition lens for more people

The aspirational idea of presenting your best image is now very common for men but guys can do it in a subtle manner with natural makeup tips from our skincare guru, Adam Chua- Singapore’s MySkin™ Centre.

“Nobody will even notice you had makeup with our 5 BMT steps ” quipped Adam as he explained BMT is not Basic Military Training but Basic Makeup Tips.
To get you started, here are 5 BMT TIPS for that important impression for an evening date or a morning job interview without overdoing it.

1. Wax and Spray your hair
Seven out of ten adult men in Singapore have limp and non-voluminous hair and some even lacking volume due to hair loss. Fret not, you can style your hair with good hair wax and hold the volume with a good hairspray. With practice, you will achieve your best hairstyle after a few attempts.

2. Thicken and align your eyebrows
Grab your sister or mother’s mascara that is waterproof. Stroke the mascara brush gently in one direction towards the side of the face. You will see thick and well-aligned eyebrows without resorting to an eyebrow pen which may appear obvious.

3. Conceal that spot
Buy a simple concealer at the local pharmacy and choose a color that is one shade darker than the back of your hand, so that you get the right blend. To use, gently dab and smoothen out on blemishes such as acne, pimples, or reddish spots.

4. Add life to your lips
Use only transparent lip gloss to make your lips gleam with life.
Remember that women who stare at your lips are trying to understand your conversation or even a sign to kiss you.

5. Remove unnecessary hairs
Never go out without a good shave unless you want to be alone.
As the world is not just you, with all the great makeup tips, not shaving or removing the nostril hairs can irk women and even prospective employers ., It reflects your lazy attitude to look good which is indeed a courtesy to people you meet.

As I say, a man with makeup is becoming quite common and it’s certainly nothing to be ashamed of, as long as you do not overdo it unless you are an artist in performance. No one should feel pressure to present themselves in a certain way

Be bold and see how your new confidence opens new opportunities with your great-looking skin.

Copyright@MySkin™ 28 March 2021

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