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6 Reasons to have a Facial?


Real men do care for their skin, to look good both at work and at play. Going for a facial by a responsible skincare salon with skillful aesthetician is critical to have the right directions to having younger, smoother, clearer and healthier skin.
While some may resort to medical doctors to have good skin, they need to endure painful (despite anesthetic) procedures or be patient with long downtime recovery. But clearly, skincare technology in salon has made advancement in which a facial at a salon can do the job which are painless, non invasive and no downtime. Though the results are gradual but it is definitely worth the cost, the discomfort and most importantly the convenience of no downtime recovery. Here are 6 reasons why you should have a facial :

1. The face need a thorough and deep cleansing
Washing and scrubbing at home is not good enough to remove embedded dead skin cells  especially when it is unconcealed and exposed to the tropical sun and humidity. By having a thorough cleansing, excessive sebum is regulated for oily skin and prevents blackheads and pimples.

2.   Blackheads removal are far better than any peel off pore strips.
Stubborn blackheads cannot be easily removed with peel off adhesive paste and neither scrubbing. Having your blackheads removed by a qualified aesthetician will allow your pores to be unclogged and prevents pimples and infected acne.
Many self inflicted wounds or infected pores  are caused by careless removal of blackheads on your own untrained hands with no proper implements and disinfectants.

3. Exfoliates better and safer 
From harsh exfoliation by conventional micro-dermabrasion using a abrasive tip wand to the latest hydro-exfoliation and ultrasound exfoliation, these non invasive procedures is gaining popularity for deep removal of dead skin cells and encourage mitosis (cellular division) , clear skin can be achieved.

4. Good opportunity to know a lot about your skin and product usage
Salon with sophisticated skin analyzer can share a lot of information about your skin type and condition. Coupled with a consultant to explain the findings, offer the most ideal solutions, understand your lifestyle, determine your diet and offer sound advice on your existing products with ingredient feedback.

5. Professionals have better tools and technology
From disposable implements for extraction to medical grade skincare station, you see better results than applying your own home care products.

6. Highly relaxing and distressful session
The highlights of skincare are the soothing shoulder, neck face and eye massage that put you in cloud 9. Even the cold mask that helps to absorb excess oils and impurities, contains soothing scent to cradle you to sleep. Such is the power of your local neighborhood salon