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Men Are Indeed Thick Skin

Skin of men and women is not all the same. They both are different and have to be cared differently. Men’s skin is rough and almost 3 times thicker than women which needs exfoliation to keep it heathy with a clearer, smoother, younger looking skin.

Men skin is often exposed to the hot and humid environment when they have to work or workout outdoor. Therefore skincare for men is very vital to help him look good that can be an edge over corporate success and social confidence.

One of the most common forms of grooming for a men’s face is the chore of shaving. Never go for deep shave as it will hurt the skin. Use a good after shave lotion to close the pores.

Working men do not like a job sitting too long in the office and having to travel to work or travel at work exposes men to dust and dirt. Therefore, a good cleanser is essential to remove excess oil and impurities on the skin.

Men skin changes with age. At puberty onset, their skin tends to be oily and acne seems to be the most common problems besides clogged pores with blackheads and whiteheads. As they mature into adult after 30 years old, the next condition will be the sign of aging such as fine line son the forehead and sagging skin. Skincare starting early at thirties is essential to prevent the next stage of senior citizens wherever skin will have aged spots and pigmentation. The obvious will be wrinkles and double shin due to skin laxity. Modern skincare treatment now can treat skin laxity such as radio frequency.

Thankfully in Singapore, we have only “summer” and so men skincare need not be seasonal changes. Using good products for men is essential for home care. Choosing the right product usually is a matter of trial and error. Start with products by word of mouth and test it. Not all products suitable for your friends or spouse may be suitable for you as each have different dermalogical make up. At MySkin™ center, we are so confident with our products that we guaranteed a 7 days refund.

Most younger men who go for skincare usually want to treat their oily skin prone to blackheads and whiteheads. Since aging slows down the renewal process, aged spots and pigmentation starts to form. Older men would go for rejuvenation and exfoliation to shed off dead skin cells and accelerate new skin cells to grow.

Men is at a disadvantage in looking good without make-up, therefore the challenge is greater in looking good. Seek the right skincare at MySkin™ Center that works for you and yet affordable.

Adam Chua