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MySkin™ Home Treatments

Our founder, Adam Chua with 39 years in skincare had formulated, designed and sold Singapore's First Men's Skincare Products for the tropics. With his experience in producing 4 generations of men's skincare products, he sourced for the best ingredients and the best formulations to create MySkin™ Home Treatment Products.

He spare no efforts to set the precedents in men's skincare products by

  • setting up an online store for customers to understand our products better, fuss free purchase, access to popular payment options and timely delivery
  • introduce a 7 days product refund so that customer can purchase confidently and witness visible results
  • Dedicated QR code to each and every product for easy read of full product information and convenience of instant purchase.
  • Eco friendly packaging and online suggestion for recycling

Click on our videos below and get to know our "heroic" homecare products based on the fundamental principles of
C.H.A.M.P.= Cleanse, Heal, Aid, Maintain & Protect.



Put some juice in your life with our pineapple cleanser that stop all breakouts.


A pineapple a day keeps the skin worries away


Get spot free skin with our “all skin types” Purifying+ Cleanser that deep cleanses, protects and exfoliates.


A skin toner that only “Mother Nature Approved”


An alcohol and paraben free toner scientifically formulated for oily and sensitive skin that is cooling and effective for the tropics


Contains well formulated micro-abradants to keep your skin smoother, clearer, younger looking. Gets rids pigment spots and lightens dark complexion, unclog pores and clears pimples, renew skin to achieve tighter and wrinkle free skin. This is the secret to good and youthful skin!


A cleanser formulated to cleanse away impurities, balance sebum and age defying peptides to keep skin heathier, clearer and smoother. Ideal for men who are working outdoor in harsh environment.