Quad Scrub

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Contains well formulated micro-abradants to keep your skin smoother, clearer, younger looking.
Gets rids pigment spots and lightens dark complexion, unclog pores and clears pimples, renew skin to achieve tighter and wrinkle free skin.
This is the secret to good and youthful skin!


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With recent enhancements to the ingredients, it has now 4 great benefits to keep your skin smoother, clearer, younger and healthier looking skin.
Its unique triple-action micro-crystals help to:

(1) Remove excess oil and exfoliate dead cells from clogging pores which leads to pimples and acne.
(2) Regularly slough off newly formed pigmented spots to prevent pigmentation from sun exposure and lighten aged spots
(3) Encourage fresh new skin resurfacing and collagen renewal to keep skin youthful from fine lines and skin laxity
(4) Reduce scarring over time to ensure skin look smoother

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