Been looking around for a good men’s facial and found this amazing place. They contactless management and digital system really impress me. The service and professionalism of everyone is really amazing. Had a great experience with MySkin. The staff were friendly and professional, the rooms were nice and well kept and the equipment and treatments were fantastic. I would definitely recommend this to others!)


Ben Chin


I nearly fell asleep as the skincare treatment felt so comfortable. And the Skin Analysis was very thorough! Definitely going back again!


Remi M Sali / (Film Director)


Went for my 1st facial today and the service was fantastic! Adam did an excellent job in explaining to me about the problem of my skin and how they will help improve my skin over time! I gained so much knowledge on how to take care of my skin in just 1 session! i’m definitely recommending to everyone to visit MySkin!


Dyon Yong / (Outbound Tour Guide)


Awesome service provided by Adam and Eunice. Adam was pretty nice and welcoming when i first stepped in the centre. He did a wonderful and detailed explanation on my skin analysis report. Followed by Eunice amazing skills and honest recommendations on the services i should try on. Also, not to forget all these wonderful services come at an affordable price. Would definitely recommend every man to give your skin a try.


Leong Kahhang / (Medical Care)


Tiptop customer service! Adam and Eunice are very focused on putting their customers needs first. Professional and experienced, willing to go the extra mile. Now my husband and my teenage son are going to MySkin …. which says a lot !!


Tania / (Executive)


Awesome place to have a facial here. Tiptop service at an affordable price.


Billy Toh


Great service from MySkin Centre. I will come back again every Sat.


John Chua / (Property Manager)


Very professional and patient with customer.
Pricing affordable not expensive.


Alan Lim / (Director)


Had an amazing experience for my first facial and now I look forward to my weekly care at MySkin. Adam and Eunice went the extra mile of recommending the best combination of treatment and making every session enjoyable. Really happy to see the progress, I had already seen obvious improvement in my acne-prone face after the first three sessions!


Agus Komang


Was my first ever facial, and will definitely be back for more! You know you’ll be taken care of when staff greet you with a hearty hello. I was greeted by both Adam and Eunice, who very successfully eased me into the treatments of choice (no regrets I might add). Nice, clean environment – I even fell asleep mid-treatment!


Ted Yun / (Flight Steward)


I have been going to adam for almost 25 years and I am very happy that his new man skincare centre is 3 times better and everything costs
2 times lesser than his first man salon or any other man salon


Raymond Ow / (Property Manager)


When I step into this cosy skin spa centre, I was immediately attended to. I was given a free skin analysis to understand my skin condition. And upon understanding the types of treatments that MySkin Centre provide, I was also given their price lists, which is very much affordable with no hidden costs. Best Deal Ever!!!. So I took up a cleansing treatment for a tryout, which left me speechless because of the before and after effect. My face was really firm and for the longest time it felt so clean, since the result was immediate, I decided to just sign up for a package.


Adrian Katsumoto / (Practitioner)


The first visit with MySkin centre had been both a rewarding and pleasant experience. The staffs are very welcoming and personal in giving great advice for gentlemen looking for a better option to look great. Most impressed with the use of their high tech analyser and treatment equipment that are truly formulated for men. After my second treatment session friends start noticing that I look younger than before, that was when I know the treatment has indeed shown evidence and results. Thank you, Adam and team, of devoted therapists for your professionalism and sound knowledge, I will greatly recommend gentlemen with any skin conditions and fellows who need an image boost go see them and allow their unique services and products deliver.


Alvin Chan / (Sports Therapist)


My partner started having bad acne ever since we moved in together. We tried air purifiers, changing pillow cases weekly, and nothing worked. For years she has spent thousands of dollars on facial treatments without much to show for. In some cases, the situation only got worst. But a session with Adam @ MySkin Centre changed everything. He was most sincere in sharing his knowledge and genuinely wanted to help. He immediately identified the potential causes and advice practical lifestyle changes that improved my partner’s skin condition significantly. I strongly recommend considering a session at the center, not only for men, but ladies as well. They are confident in what they do, and offer great value for their services.


Jasper / (Magician)


素晴らしいサービスとスキル. I was so surprised that Adam not only just drew my face and explain the skin problem on digital screen in the consultation room.
He also speaks in Japanese which also makes me feel at home and not to mention the super cool skin analyzer which i can see my skin types, conditions
in graphical chart and colorful images of my skin, that are easy to understand. I even have a copy in my phone.


Hayato Kamei / (Lawyer)


MySkin Centre put my heart to ease, as it had a warm yet professional feel to it. It’s my first experience trying out skincare, my usual routine is just to wash my face with facial wash daily. The skincare menu is clearly stated upfront (right at the door!) and the staff did a detailed analysis of my facial skin condition after I got settled in. What I liked about the analysis is that it told me what my skin condition was, compared to my peers at my age. It was fun to know that it’s not bad! Haha~ After that, it was down to business as the staff Eunice did a thorough cleansing for my face and did a complete skincare routine to clear up my clogged pores, dead skin, blackheads, whiteheads, etc. The warm ergonomic couch was cosy throughout. The icy cold mask was very relaxing and I almost fell asleep at that point…After the session, I definitely felt the difference when I looked into the mirror and when I was washing my face at home. For sure, I will be back for more treatments in future!


PK Ong / (Basketball Coach)


I would like to thank Steven for recommending me the Detoxifying Mask and Decongestion Scrub, it does wonders for my skin. I will be going back for my next session with Steven, my skillful and knowledgeable Aesthetician. Kudos to Steven.


Ric Yeo

I was surprised by their new crew Shirley whose skill seem seasoned and her composure was confident, polite and definitely hospitable.  I would definitely return back  and congrats to their new outlets !

Marcus Wee