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Clarifying Dimension Gel

Prevents and treats hyperpigmentation with the power of botanical exfoliation and  pigment removal. This is one pigment gel  you ever need without having to resort to harsh chemicals. Not in conventional cream texture but gel base to keep it non comedogenic for overnight use




Getting rid of pigmentation can be tough and tedious with a broad spectrum of cream that shows no results. See visible results in days with our botanically formulated pigmentation gel that combines all the exfoliating and lightening power of Retinol, Arbutin, Azelaic acid, Koljic acid, Glycolic acid, Mulberry extract and vitamin B extract (Niacinamide). See the transformation within a week of use and with prolonged usage, new hyper-pigmentation can be prevented and skin will appear in a healthier fair shade. Formulated in gel to prevent pores from clogging for overnight usage.