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MySkin™ Home Treatments

Our founder, Adam Chua with 39 years in skincare had formulated, designed and sold Singapore's First Men's Skincare Products for the tropics. With his experience in producing 4 generations of men's skincare products, he sourced for the best ingredients and the best formulations to create MySkin™ Home Treatment Products.

He spare no efforts to set the precedents in men's skincare products by

  • setting up an online store for customers to understand our products better, fuss free purchase, access to popular payment options and timely delivery
  • introduce a 7 days product refund so that customer can purchase confidently and witness visible results
  • Dedicated QR code to each and every product for easy read of full product information and convenience of instant purchase.
  • Eco friendly packaging and online suggestion for recycling

Click on our videos below and get to know our "heroic" homecare products based on the fundamental principles of
C.H.A.M.P.= Cleanse, Heal, Aid, Maintain & Protect.


Regain back your crowning glory from hair loss. Use this great serum twice a day and see visible results in reduction of hair loss in 15 days and visible hair regrow in 30 days..

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If women has all the right concealer to keep their skin looking good with concealers, men deserve their own arsenal in a jar! It is natural looking clear gel without colour powdery or caking effect with results in seconds!!! Be it a date or an important presentation, you will never leave home without it.

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