Clear Acne

If you are constantly on the go and think good looking skin don’t matter, look again!

In our frantic paced society and being the planet’s fastest walkers, clocking at 18m in 10 seconds, this highly popular, time-saving and pocket friendly treatments to “fix” your face and eye appearing awesome always.

In each of our medical-grade stations, we have hydro-exfoliation, ultrasonic and radio frequency technology to effectively treat 7 common problems faced by men ranging from acne, skin blemishes, pigmentation, unhealthy skin, lackluster, post-acne scars, premature wrinkles and tired looking eyes. Each treatment has almost 7 key benefits that will solve your needs. As an exclusive bonus to inspire you to relax, we offer all our busy men to enjoy the lingering benefits of our treatment at home, with a free time saving mask specifically selected for each individual skin condition.

Clear Acne

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